Proliferation of the Mighty Cupcake

Credit: Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake

I declare "cupcabobs" the next food trend.

Somehow cupcakes started popping up everywhere. One might say they have risen (eh, eh) to fame through some strange, cult-like celebrity obsession. One minute the Sex and the City girls are eating cupcakes on a bench on Bleecker Street, and suddenly these creamy little morsels have do-or-die television competitions dedicated to their extravagance. Cake Wrecks will even provide adequate coverage of the ugliest cupcake cakes, dubbed “CCCs” by the writers, Jen and John, propelling even gelatinous blob cakes into popularity.

Oddly, I’ve even heard numerous sources, including VegNews and Jezebel, declare cupcakes “out” and macarons “in”. For a brief period they were even ousted by Bakerella’s cake balls. Oh, what a fickle cake we bake. When did tasty foods become fashion accessories? I’m pretty sure they are a post-purse-puppy trend that was adopted as a means to ward off human hunger after tiny dogs routinely burst from overstuffed handbags to gobble up their masters’ steak dinners. Actually, I’ll admit it was the work of the media, endorphins, and propheteers of the cute-culture variety. The writers of Epicute know what they have when they see it, and apparently so did the writers of Sex and the City. It only fed the oven fire when Oprah raved over Sprinkle’s cupcakes, sending waiting lines of customers out the door of storefronts.

Who would have thought that unsuspecting consumers with sweet teeth would pay the same price for a sweet little cupcake that they would pay for a Frappucino? Those guys clearly knew, and it looks like mass media outlets aren’t going to let their little cash cow run away too soon. Many articles ask when the cupcake trend will die. If The Food Network has its say, it will be a long time before we see a tiny casket filled with crumby wrappers lowered into a severely shallow grave in the cemetery of gastronomical trends. Maybe we really should take Simon Doonan’s sarcastic advice and invest in Bundt cakes. After all, he did say they’ll be “big” next season.


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