A Picture’s Worth…

Credit: George MorrisSometimes a simple image is all an ad needs. On an every day basis we are subjected to many advertisements that annoy, offend, or say too little in too many words. However, I found a couple of ads featured on Bad Ad Good Ad that make a statement without resorting to cheap insults, sexism, or ignorance.

Credit: Bad Ad Good AdThis Bic ad makes a big statement, literally. The giant billboard ad features an oversized razor that points solely to the quality of the company’s razors and the ingenuity of their ad team. The billboard lacks text, except for a discrete (in comparison to the subject of the ad) logo tucked into a corner. The ad does not focus on gender, age, or ethnicity. It can be accepted and appreciated by a wide range of people and catch a lot of glances in the process.

Credit: Bad Ad Good AdThis Mr. Clean ad makes a similar statement by showing off the purpose of the product. The ad is meant to convince the viewer that the product is effective rather than manipulating emotions or playing on the insecurities or perceived inadequacies of the audience.

Both ads rely on the pervasive popularity and prior knowledge of their product and branding in order to inform the viewer, and neither caters to a specific audience. These ads maintain a universal appeal, which is a good business tactic in a culture that is saturated in ads that attempt to shock their audience with distasteful words or images.


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