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Further Adventures in Attention and Focus

credit: restoration hardware

How long is your attention span?

Hoping to further my experiences from this weekend’s readings on attention span, I sequestered myself away from the world once again this evening while reading Andrew Keen’s article “The Great Seduction.” Upon reading the text I set my analog kitchen timer to forty minutes. The reprieve from phone calls was greatly welcome.  I was positive using my cell phone to keep time would only be a distraction as it has no airplane mode and no timer.  That’s what you get for keeping a piece of semi-modern technology for three years, four if the first incarnation hadn’t been playing around in my laundry pile.

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Paying Attention to Buy Some Time

Oddly enough, while reading and listening to three articles and lectures on the topic of attention, my focus began to wander. This did not occur because I lacked interest in the material, but rather because these beguiling resources, including Howard Rheingold’s “Attention Literacy“, Linda Stone’s “Attention: The Real Aphrodisiac“, and NPR Talk of the Nation’s lecture  “Bad at Multitasking? Blame Your Brain,” incited varying degrees of transient contemplation and set my mind ablaze with questions and commentary.

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