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Laying the Saturday Morning Cartoon to Rest

Credit: gfpeckThough many of us now sleep late on Saturdays, we all remember a little thing called the Saturday morning cartoon. Unfortunately the Saturday morning cartoon has taken a tumble in pop culture. If you were to actually wake up at a reasonable hour on Saturdays, you might not even be able to find one. The loss runs deeper now that Cartoon Network, a channel that is supposed to be dedicated entirely to the art of the cartoon, is loaded with live-action television. Actually, 60% of the station’s programming is now live-action, leading this post to become some form of elegy.

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The Inquisitive Epicure: Looking at Food Media

Credit: Dreambird

A CakeWrecks inspired baby-carrot-cake reminds us that we are what we eat.

There has always been a lot of talk surrounding the rhetoric of food. From advertising fatty and sugary foods to kids, to showcasing skinny, indulgent Food Network chefs and models who eat nothing, the epicurean world has its own culture of communications.

Just the other day I stumbled across three real, ironic Po-Mo carrot advertisements featured in the New York Times that mock the stereotypical ways junk food is sold. These ads made me realize it would be interesting to decipher how food is commoditized (or why it’s not, in some cases), why realism is often manipulated in food representation, and how food can become a medium itself. After all, we are what we eat, and the way we consume comes with big messages that we cannot ignore.

So what are the gender stereotypes behind food? How are we empowered and disempowered by food and food media? How do others convince us to consume? What social problems lie in the ways we eat and how did a culture of obesity arise? How is food a medium in itself and how do we use it to communicate? These are all questions that beg to be answered.